Self Portrait, 2020

Professional Experience

Los Gatos Design, May 2011 until present- Property Management and Graphic Design 

Accent on Rugs of Los Gatos, 1985 until April 2011- Owner/Proprietor   My professional photo experience and art history education was an invaluable tool for promoting my successful retail business.  Retired 2011  

Worked as professional photographer starting in 1968 until 1984.   Anticipated teaching art full time and pursued an appropriate education.  Taught Photography part time during college and post graduate.  Ultimately decided that my options for a career teaching art were limited. Fortunately made the decision to pursue a more stable and lucrative career in retail.

Collections and Galleries

Photographs are represented in a variety of public collections, including the California State Museum in Sacramento, the Corcoran Museum in Washington DC, the Crocker Museum in Sacramento, the Museum of New Mexico in Santa Fe and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque.   


MFA – University of New Mexico 1979-1981   Dissertation completed in Absentia 1987 Perspectives on the Panorama Photograph

MA and BA in Art – California State University Sacramento 1973-1976  

Imogen Cunningham workshop in 1972 

Special Interests

Fly fishing for trout is my escape and solice. Trout fishing occurs in some of the most beautiful parts of the world. Trout cannot survive without pure water and a clean environment. My lifelong interests in the fragile nature of our environment has had a direct influence on my view of our world.

I find inspiration in music, in particular I find Bach motivating.  While there is no direct connection with music in my photographs, lyricism and tonality are important elements in my work.